Dori Certifications

Throughout its history Dori Alimentos has won awards and recognition from important bodies of the segment.


Every day we seek for developing essential role at society aspects, promoting actions that benefit children and teenagers which make Dori Alimentos S.A. a Child-friendly Company.

We assume the following commitments with Abrinq Foundation – Save the Children:

– Not to explore child labor and do not accept it at our production chain.
– To promote professional training and secure work access to teenagers.
– To make social work which benefits children and teenagers.



Our products have ABICAB (Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Cocoa, Peanut, Candy and Derivatives Industries) Pro-Peanut quality seal.



Dori Alimentos S.A. (head office)
Av. República, 5159/85 – Distrito Industrial Santo Barion.
Postal Code 17512-035 – Marília/SP
Phone: +55 (14) 3408-3000
Here we produce: chocolate sprinkles, jellies and chocolate lentils.



Dori Alimentos S.A. (Rolândia/PR branch)
Av. Itamaraty, 1324 – Parque Industrial.
Postal Code 86600-000 – Rolândia/PR
Phone: +55 (43) 3255-2400
Here we produce: hard candies and filled hard candies; chewy candy and filled chewy candy; hard lollipops and chewy lollipops.



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